From the time my active daughter was little, she has loved the freedom and comfort of leggings. I mean, who doesn't, right? Unfortunately however, leggings (especially the knees) just don't seem to stand up to an active toddler or the rigors of the playground.  More often than not, her leggings got wrecked before she outgrew them.

Frustrated with the short lifespan of her leggings, I decided to try to make my daughter some new leggings out of higher quality materials and add patches to reinforce the knees. As a child of the 70's, I was no stranger to the knee patch. I was an active kid too, and my mom was always putting them on my pants. So I guess you could say I took an old-fashioned solution and tweaked it a bit.  A plain patch seemed pretty boring, so I designed my own fun, knee patch designs and sewed them onto the knees of the leggings. Not only did I extend the life of her leggings, but more importantly, the new legging design helped protect her delicate knees. And well, they were unique and super cute too!

Together, we stumbled upon a new product idea and it didn't take long to realize that there were plenty of other moms and kiddos out there with the same needs we had--so The Trendy Tot leggings were born. 

Today, the leggings line has expanded from knee patch leggings to applique leggings and sport style leggings.




Founder & Designer